John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand: December 2018

(Note: If you are viewing on a small screen you may need to scroll sideways to see some of the photos fully)
We stopped for a few hours in Morrinsville and were surprised to find ...

Yes, Nottingham Castle seems to have moved and morphed! The town is also home to the world's largest cow.

along with about 50 smaller ones  Morrinsville's Cows  All very colourful.  They seem to be everywhere!


At Mount Manganui we were dismayed to see a huge new building site right on the beautiful beach, but ...


we were very soon reassured that it is all OK.  Very OK in fact.  Do click either of the pictures for a link to the lifeguard service website.

Up north next ...

Orchids growing at the Kerikeri NZMCA park and moss growing in trees.  Must be pretty humid I think.


and beautiful Opito Bay

Going south now ...  this is the street in Kawakawa

I hope that you can see that the two lanes of traffic are seperated by a red strip.  Look carefully and you will see that the railway line runs down the middle of that!  I wonder who gets right of way on the pedestrian crossing?  (I don't think the rails are used now btw)   Below, a wall painting on a side street.


Down to Whangarei where we met another incredible bunch of Pokémon players who made us very welcome.  We were even picked up by Bobby in his car when we were soaking wet having been caught in a downpour!

He then drove us around the town for about 3 hours so that we could catch the special Pokémon that were only there for the weekend.


That was very special for us, thank you Bobby.

Whangarei has a plan to build a ball clock to add to the amazing park area near the Town Basin.

Here is a pic of the prototype and it's all made from the famous Number 8 wire!  We love it.

Our parking spot was right by the water

but under a tree, a Pohutakawa tree.


That bloom even came through the midge-proof mesh and got everywhere.

We have a bit of a problem with cables

Some stuff needs UK sockets and some are NZ so we have 2 plugboards, one for each.    The white box on the left is our modem which gives us both the internet.  Everything needs to be fed from the solar power inverter.  I tend to put a towel over the lot and pretend that its not there.

Just before Christmas we found ourselves in a boatyard - again!  Somewhat bigger scale than our tiny outfit.  Here's a pic of putting up the spars and beginning to sort out the rigging!


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