John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand: January 2019

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Asking for directions does not always get the answers you expect ...

Going south, we stopped in the small town of Woodville


where this colourful mural is a Pokéstop too.  There's also a big green space with lots of play equipment. 

Further south at the small trendy settlement of Greytown

the public loos are posher than most!

After staying with friends in Masterton, we were heading for Wellington when the weather turned miserable.  So, before doing the Remutaka hill crossing, we turned back and returned to Napier.  It also poured with rain there but it wasn't windy.  Windy Wellington is well known!

On a side trip to Hastings we discovered this public water bore that freely dispenses non-chlorinated water.  There was a contant queue and I have to agree that the water from it is much nicer than the normal town supply that we had just filled the camper with.

One of Hastings heritage buildings.  On talking to a worker there, I learned that it is to be refurbished and made earthquake proof..  It certainly looks a bit vulnerable at the moment.

While in Napier, there was much excitement when a pod of Orcas swam into the harbour.  I managed to take a few photos.

The guy from Prestige was on his lunch break.  His mate got right down to the edge with his camera.  You can just see his head.

and I love this boy's reaction


Here are a few pics from Rotorua taken a bit earlier, I've got a bit out of sequence.

This is Te Papaiouru Marae.  It has some of the most intricate carving I think I have seen.  All maraes are painted in this exact colour.

In 1870, H.R.H. Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Albert, the  was the first documented Royal visitor to Rotorua and while here at Ohinemutu, presented the Maori people with a statue of the Queen, Queen Victoria.


1883 (?)   and   2018

In 1883, the same statue was in the newspapers throughout New Zealand.  The article that was printed reads like this, "An event affording considerable amusement and consternation occurred 'here' (Ohinemutu) on Saturday. The statue of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria was being placed in position in Tamatekapua, when a cart arrived with an escort of police, who took possession of the illustrious figure, carrying it off to the lock-up to keep company with the Maori deity Matutonga, whose term of imprisonment has not yet expired.  We are at a loss to account for the proceeding."

See this link for lots more history.   Thank you Sue for the info.
Nearby, there is a steam vent pit that was used to bury warriors in past years.  It was considered a safe place where their bodies would be safe from enemies.

Notice that no-one has retrieved the football!

I usually post the pretty pictures of Rotorua, and there are many dramatic buildings in the town.  Some of it, though, is almost out of a horror movie.  I'm not sure I would want this pond in my garden ...

more soon ....

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