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New Zealand: November and December 2018

We began again in Paeroa, and another great meal at Kumars, fabulous food created by the Indian family who present home-style cooking that is super yummy.

Food at Kumar's in Paeroa   Kumars Something Special

Picture quality not so good this year.  In my wisdom I decided not to lug my SLR camera with me so pics are taken with my phone.  Deffo a mistake!

Te Aroha is a small town that lies sort of north of middle of the North Island.  We rather like to stop there for a couple of days.

There are spa baths that have been renowned for their healing properties since the 1800s.  The mineral water that flows from the geyser is the only hot soda spring in the Southern Hemisphere.

I have seen it before but decided to climb the small hill to take a photo for this blog.  Having got there, nothing was happening, not a drip, not a dribble.  So I sat around for a while, there's Pokémon there, then started back down the hill.  I hadn't gone far when I heard a splash.  Turning back I saw that the thing was blowing!

Te Aroha Geyser

So, just for you is the sight of this very rare geyser at work.

And this is my digital view from the park.

and great street art in the town too ...


Hamilton next ..


our main hangout was by the fabulous lake.  It's where we met up with most of our Pokémon friends and enjoyed a weekend of hunting and fish and chips.


and especially

Players will understand!  My apologies to the rest of you. Huge thank you to everyone who made our weekend great fun.

Our other Hamilton excitement was at the Classic Car Museum and Juke Box Diner where we get to park overnight among motorhome friends.


Every 1st Sunday there is a car meet while Elvis competes with the TV and the jukebox ....


The museum is well worth a visit.  See last year's blog for more pics.

Below, a couple more pics taken at the lake.  The rose is called 'Land of the Long White Cloud' which is what Aotearoa means in Maori, click the link to see more info.


We visited the Hamilton Gardens twice too.  I must reiterate that I really do believe that these 'free to visit' gardens are a must for anyone , not just garden fanatics. The house and car feature on the left are new!  The knot garden was new last year.


and the greenhouses have been there a long time...

and then I got this 

What an invitation, for that is what it is.  Sadly, I was unable to make the date.

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