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New Zealand: Nov/Dec 2019

We were nearly 3 weeks into our trip before we revisited the waterfall at Kerikeri.  Now regulars to our pages will know that we've been here many times.  Today, beautiful sunshine right on the water, and, brave folks in the cave behind the falls.  So now you can see the size of it.

   Kerikeri waterfall people in the cave behind it

We have just spent several days in Whangarei.  A new project is well under way there.  It will be an art centre in the style of Frederick Hundertwasser, who first visited New Zealand in the 1970's to mount a public exhibition of his work.

He was so captivated by the country that he resolved to make it his second home.  In 1998, he was asked to build a toilet block a little further north in the town of Kawakawa (see this link for more info)

That toilet building has become a 'must visit' for tourists heading to the Bay of Islands.  The art centre will be a much bigger project and I can't wait to see it finished.  Just my kind of wacky.

This bit is finished and called 'The Seed' and it sets the style.  It is simply a dedication to ..


Earlier in our trip we spent a few days at Mount Maunganui.

 The new Surf Club building is now finished and is constantly busy with school visits and Club activities.

Mount Maunganui new surf club building, sponsored by Dexion

That just goes to demonstrate how important water awareness is for the kids of New Zealand.  Those are loos and showers open to the public too.

After a bit of chilling to adapt to the time difference we got walking.  30k in the first week, playing Pokémon Go of course.  We did the traditional walk round the Mount and this is the view just about at the end of the 3.4k stroll.

Easy 3.4k walk round The Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui map

I hope you can see the camp ground and the surf club on the map.  The walking tracks for the (dormant) Mount are also marked.

Mount Maunganui

A similar looking mount is located just a little way along the coast from here - White Island.

The difference is that White Island is an active volcano.

White Island

Very sadly, as everyone will know, that did a small but violent eruption just when tourists were visiting.

  We were so lucky that we, and many thousand others, have been there without incident.  That has starkly reminded us of our feelings after our visit.  We felt that our planet is actually a living thing and that we are merely the fleas on its back.

Here is our link to our 2008 visit.

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