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 John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand: Page 4, February 2018

Waihi is a town that is dominated by the Martha open gold mine.  It has long been a tourist stop to marvel at the very size of the hole right in the middle of the town.  Well, they had a bit of trouble recently ...

Following a small rockfall in April 2015 all work was halted in the Martha open pit. In April 2016 a large rockfall resulted in 2 million tonnes of rock falling into the pit which covered the gold-bearing rock at the bottom. Options for reopening and for mining to continue are being investigated.


Hamilton Garden again  ... yawn, sorry but bear with me ...

a new garden has been opened


This is a genuine helium balloon, what a fantastic sense of humour.

The idea is that this marvellous tool is used for delivering compost to difficult areas, pruning the high bits and generally having a bit of fun.

I love the soot marks on the envelope, the steering wheel and the bell and the secateurs on a pole for pruning.

and while we are on the subject of transport...

we also visited the Classic Car Museum


The Fiat on the left
(or above on a small screen)is rather special for me, I might try to add more info about that when I get back to the UK, and kiddie in a sweet shop comes to mind for the pic on the right, those are all bonnet emblems (there must be a better word) and there were many more too.

Oh, I found the photo to go with the Fiat

circa 1966, this 500 belonged to my cousin and it had a large Cadillac engine and no doors.  It was great fun.

And so back to the Pokémon Go.  Below, here's someone who is serious don't you think?

The golden bird is a Zapdos, the emblem of Team Instinct (my team).

My huge thanks to Christine, Tom, Mike and very especially James.  Here's my new top Pokémon caught at Hamilton Yacht Club

More on transport ....  ?     Beachlands and Maraetai Trolley Derby


Speeds of up to 40 k were recorded


Obviously a huge amount of work by the organisers and competitors.  It was a great event

And lastly, just before leaving New Zealand for summer in Europe, here are a few pics from Auckland Viaduct, the America's Cup Village.  There is always a lively buzz, great food and fun.


and the secrets .......

I also got to play with a giant Volvo truck but no-one took any photos so you'll have to imagine how cool I look.

See you next time

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