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The blowhole at Muriwai catches the unwary    Oystercatchers at Shelly Beach    Crazy fisherpeople at Muriwai rocks

The dramatic blowhole at Muriwai, Oystercatchers at Shelly beach and fishing from the rocks at Muriwai

After Hannah's birthday, we stayed around Auckland for a while. Couldn't resist the Easter Fair



Auckland is famous for having four seasons in a day, look at the skies in these pics. They were all taken within about 3 hours!

Our visit to the zoo

The meercat enclosure has access to viewing bubbles to see the creatures at their level. That's Debbie & Hannah in the dome. The dragon was friendly too ...

... and the official zoo photographer caught us all.    


So that is pretty much it. The blue trail is this years breadcrumb trail. Didn't get far in 6 months, did we?


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