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 John and Cynthia:  Knotperfect

New Zealand   2016-2017   Page 4


The weather around this area has now settled into mostly cloudy days but very warm and humid.  Very typical for Auckland

It's the time that New Zealand's Guide organisation sell special biscuits as a fundraiser.

Guide biscuits

They're a shortbread and very delicious.  A page link all about them here with recipes and the full story.

How about this for a place to sit in the sun and eat biscuits?  Wenderholm, a few kilometres north of Auckland.

It's popular for fishing too.  Here are a few pics of the local bounty

I wonder what they caught?

I think these are migrating Shearwaters (muttonbirds), whatever they are, they are resting right in the harbour entrance.  The ferry went through as slowly as it could.

After spending the summer breeding in New Zealand, sooty shearwaters migrate to the far north of the Pacific Ocean, where they feed at sea for several months. In the north they are joined by sooty shearwaters from Chile.

It was once thought that in the northern-hemisphere summer, the birds visited a number of feeding grounds off the coast of Japan and Alaska, and then down through California, before returning south. However, recent electronic tracking shows that most birds head east or south-east from New Zealand before flying north. They reach one of the three feeding areas, where they stay until it is time to return south. Some birds go to locations off Japan and the Kamchatka Peninsula (in the far east of Russia), and then return to New Zealand without approaching the American continent. Others feed off the coast of Alaska or California.

Wenderholm morning

Just for a moment I'll return to the rain stories;  It poured for Adele's concert in Auckland but who's worried about a little rain when you're having fun.

We had taken refuge at the Beachlands Club.  It's a shame we missed dinner there last night, don't you think?

Maybe next year ?

Home now, look what I found in our house ...

(Um, for those not playing Pokémon Go, this is Mr Mime, which can only be caught in Europe)

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